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People Not Parties is an independent group led by Mary Lyons-Buckett. As a candidate for the Hawkesbury Council 2021 elections, we pledge to be a local voice for the people. The team will work hard to promote growth while protecting valuable resources that make the Hawkesbury special and sustainable into the future.

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Mary Lyons-Buckett

Independent thinking, common goals.

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We answer to the community, not a political party.

We are true independents with proven track records working in our community.

We are committed to:

  • Community participation and regular public forums
  • Transparency and accountability of ratepayer fund expenditure
  • Development only where appropriate and where it is supported by infrastructure and services
  • Our local economy, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and creative arts sectors
  • Increased opportunities for apprenticeships and traineeships within Council
  • Solutions to phase out sullage pump out services
  • Continued advocacy for better public transport, traffic solutions, better services west of the river
  • All areas receiving basic services, regular road maintenance, and cleaning of public spaces
  • Effective utilisation of waste management services to reduce landfill
  • Transition to a clean economy ASAP and embracing opportunities associated with new technologies
  • Promotion of electric vehicles for Council fleet and a Hawkesbury electric vehicle charging network
  • Community-lead resilience initiatives as part of emergency management planning
  • Flood mitigation strategies to address the immediate issues around flood affectation
  • Continuation of online Council meetings to cater for those unable to attend in person
  • Investigation of the long term financial sustainability of the current local government model
  • Access and inclusion for all

We are people from the Hawkesbury, for the people of the Hawkesbury.

Photo: Paul Caleo

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